Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

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If you have a pet (that won’t dig up your artificial grass) then pet friendly artificial grass is a must have!

Pet urine is notorious for leaving dead brown patches in lawns that leaves muddy patches when it rains, allowing your furry friend to track the mud throughout your house. These problems can be resolved by simply installing artificial grass.  Our manufacturer has a team of independent researchers who dedicate their careers to studying what material and methods gives the best result. To eliminate the stronger odors you can use Turf-Pong supplied by us.

Pet friendly artificial grass dimensions: 20mm artificial grass, 30mm artificial grass, 35mm artificial grass

Benefits: antibacterial elements in the yarn, easy clean up, urine drains easily – free from odor and there is no mud which means your dog and house will be clean

Outdoor Applications: Front and back gardens, roof tops, balconies, terraces, around wooden or composite decking, around pools and / or jacuzzi’s

The minimum square meters = 20

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