Golf and Putting Green Artificial Grass

Golf and Putting Green Artificial Grass 2018-01-23T19:25:25+00:00

As a golfer, you will know how the quality of putting greens affects your game. Bumps and nicks in poor quality turf cause the ball to veer and slow. Our manufacturer prides themselves in manufacturing only the highest quality putting green to give you the closest experience of a professional field at home. Change an unused corner in your garden to a relaxing haven where you can hit a few balls when you feel like it, or convert a balcony. Whatever you decide to do just know that our golf green will always be ready and won’t warp for years.

Benefits: convenient substitute to natural golf putting green, a close to real life golfing experience

Indoor and outdoor applications: Domestic and commercial golf practice court and domestic and commercial cricket pitches.

The minimum square meters = 20

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